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This fearsome pest is more legend than fact in the minds of millions of people around the world. At times they can invade by the thousands or just one that keeps popping up in the middle of your home. These articles are the best on the net for practical tips and techniques that can help you become earwig free regardless of how many it is that you see.

How To Treat Bugs Behind The Siding

Vinyl siding provides a great protective barrier for our home. It was first brought to market in the 1950’s as an alternative to aluminum siding and offered distinct advantages to homeowners tired of exterior maintenance of their home. This durable … Continue reading

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Controlling Outside Moisture – Controls The Pincer Beast (earwigs)

If I had only one piece of advice to give you on earwig control it would be just this; Control the moisture and you will control the earwig. If I had a second nugget of truth to give, it would … Continue reading

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Do Earwigs Go In Your Ear?

Well the answer to this is age old question is a complete and resounding YES. Earwigs have been documented to go in peoples ear cavities and cause big problems. Now, let me ask you this; Do people win the lottery? … Continue reading

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Top 3 reasons you have earwigs & the 7 links to get rid of them

I get tons of e-mails on the subject of earwigs and the comment sections at the bottom of all my articles are chock full of people asking advice or explaining their dilemmas with this pincer beast. So many people are … Continue reading

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Prepare and prevent the earwig this year

The best time to stop any infestation is before it starts and this is definitely true when it comes to earwigs. If you’ve dealt with earwigs year after year why not make this the time that you achieve better control … Continue reading

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Ode to the earwig and the WEB of lies

The misunderstood, feared and despised six legged creature whose endured vicious lies the garden is full of her furious wrath she devours it all and all in her path

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Albino Earwigs

But fear not, if you don’t catch him this time you have 4 or 5 more chances till the end of summer or you can always wait until spring. Continue reading

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Video examples of earwig traps

along with practical advice on spray techniques that will keep them out of your home. However I found this video tutorial and figured sometimes a picture is worth a 1000 words. Continue reading

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My cat eats earwigs

So ol Crusty would need to eat about a bucket full of earwigs to get any measurable amount of pesticides that would do him any harm. Continue reading

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Pincer bugs aka Earwigs

The pinchers on an Earwig are almost completely harmless, I say almost because they can arch their backs and give you a wee tiny prick. So on the scale of harmless they are about a 0.001. Continue reading

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3 Easy steps to get rid of Earwigs

That should hold the little critters off and it wasn’t that hard was it. Did you notice that # 3 was pretty popular? I’m sure you did and it is because this is mostly where Earwigs will be. If you alter this to be undesirable for them, they will get the hint. Continue reading

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The legend of the Earwig

The legend of the earwig lives on. For more than a century earwigs have been thought to crawl into your ear and nest in your brain. The reality and facts about earwigs and how to deal with them.Good read. Continue reading

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