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Over a million birds die everyday flying into buildings. You’d think there would be a shortage then but the problem barely takes a hit. Birds and their droppings produce disease, damage and unwanted insect invasions. See what you can do to keep birds away.

Rafter tag and bird control

I grew up in the good ol state of Iowa and we always lived in very old farm houses with barns, corn cribs and abandoned tractors in the yard. Now we weren’t farmers per se, we just rented the home … Continue reading

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Tech’s on a hot tin roof-dangerous bird control work

Bird control means one thing, going where the birds are and that sometimes can be very dangerous. Leaning out over roof tops walking on thin ledges and hanging from the last rung of a ladder used to be pretty common … Continue reading

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Pesky birds and what to do

Everyone loves birds right? We feed them, put out elaborate baths and the family just gets so thrilled when a ‘momma bird’ starts building a nest on a shelf in the garage. Look I’m a sucker for this kinda thing … Continue reading

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Getting rid of bird mites

Ask any exterminator how to get rid of bird mites and they’ll give you some pretty good advice. “Get rid of the nest and you get rid of the mites.” Well I’m happy to say that this can and does … Continue reading

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Control of nusiance Birds

Why is it so important to control nusiance birds. They affest health,travel and economical issues with man. Continue reading

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