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  • Bcambre

    Thank you for posting the info on critter droppings   I live where there are lots of snakes & lizards … my guess since the dropping are in my shed & out side laundry room & high up off the floor would be snake. I’ve never had lizards in these places but do get cotton mouths./ rat snakes  etc.  ..   Snake & lizard doo doo is very often confused for both rat and frog but there is one quick way you can always tell the difference. These two critters dropping almost always have a white tip.   Thanks again  …..   

  • You are welcome, I’m glad it helped.

  • Lildeb999

    I live in the country and have horses across the road . There is a bug that flies and land on dogs and bites them look triangle shape I have to brush the off the dogs. need help they make the dogs welt up really bad.

  • Could be any number of bugs from the description. I’m guessing it sounds like the assassin bug but I hardly ever give advice on a guess. If you can send a pic that may help.

  • twitchit

    In only 2 weeks perfectly intact silk door coverings have been gnawed away by a mysterious bug that leaves no evidence other than it’s bite pattern and some droppings (unfortunately your website will only let me upload one of these pictures). I live in southern Japan, we have lots of creepy crawlies like silverfish, 6 inch centipedes, very large spiders, and any number of timber eating things (termites, woodworm). But so far this one has only eaten the silk on the furniture, not the furniture. I have a large kimono collection so I’m terrified to wake up and find it digested. Need advice urgently. I will only use natural remedies, no toxic chemicals

  • twitchit

    Actually your website won’t let me upload any photos

  • chris

    I seen that video and am going to use the same set up. My question is how many oz/ml of pesticicde to inject per tube and what psi to set on the air compressor?

  • Doubtful you could get some of these. There a hodge podge of parts I’ve collected over the years and really difficult to find. If you read the comments on the youtube page there are some pretty creative ideas