Boric Acid And Borax Are Killing You-The Safe Way

slow sickness e1378868290705 300x225 Boric Acid And Borax Are Killing You The Safe WayGoogle Borax and you’re likely to find this astounding product that does amazing things. Put boric acid in your search bar and you’ll find no less great and positive accolades. Words like safe, no side effects, harmless, healthy and the ever popular, all natural. Such words puts the potential user at ease as they use this abundant positive information in their decision to use these materials in a variety of ways.

On the other hand, add the word kill or pest control as in, does boric acid kill roaches? or, can Borax be safely used for pest control? and your search is likely to bend off into a different direction.

I have written several articles on these two substances and I’m continually amazed at the reaction this “fork in the road” produces. If interested you can look at these articles for yourself. The passion from some is quite evident. It seems that a critical look at these two godsends isn’t appreciated and since my overall theme has been missed countless times by (quote) “readers” (end quote). I thought I’d readdress the subject in a way no one could mistake.

The following pictures sum up my thoughts on do it yourself pest control (& even some licensed applicators) that aligns itself with the safety net the “all natural,” “won’t harm you” and “safe” Borax & Boric Acid seems to provide.

dust mess 2 e1378868068166 300x225 Boric Acid And Borax Are Killing You The Safe Way

The garage, one of the windiest places in your home. Airborne boric acid all day long and for months

I’ve done pest control for almost 30 years now & I’ve seen some amazing things. I’ve seen the truly disgusting as well. Unfortunately I’ve also seen extremely dangerous situations time and time again and it is almost always connected to the application of pesticides the do it yourself person has applied. Now in those years I’ve taken a lot of pictures but never so many
dust mess 3 e1378868394233 300x225 Boric Acid And Borax Are Killing You The Safe Way

Putting this heavy layer of Borax behind the refrigerator doesn’t keep it safely away from you. Just how often does your fridge kick on and the air pushes upward from the motor?

as since starting this blog. So, if I wanted to I could go back and find many many pictures and put them up to make my case. (which means I’d have to dust off a computer or two that’s been dormant for 10 years….nah)

So instead, I have gone back just 3 months and found visible confirmation of my “theme” that has been missed by seemingly such intelligent people. I also only pulled the ones

dust and granule mess 2 e1378868524618 300x225 Boric Acid And Borax Are Killing You The Safe Way

This one was neat. Seems a pound of Boric Acid wasn’t enough so let’s throw a pound of granules on top of it.

concerning the application of the powders/dusts in question.

Just 3 months!!! Imagine what I see on a yearly basis. I am just a small company and my techs rarely take pics so this is just me. What about the 1000’s of techs out there who see whatI see? Is this really just an insignificant problem? I’ve supplied the links to my other articles

dust mess e1378868447541 300x225 Boric Acid And Borax Are Killing You The Safe Way

Classic display of over use and extreme exposure risk. I’m sure there’s a crack or crevice in there somewhere.

which in turn have links to sources where this information can be found. Now I present the eyeball accounts and you can decide for yourself.

Is Borax safe for pest control? Is Boric Acid just a natural substance that wouldn’t harm a flea. (That’s a figure of speech of course but the literal answer is NO unless of course you apply it in like

dust on shoes 300x225 Boric Acid And Borax Are Killing You The Safe Way

Borax for roaches? Sure! My shoes were brown and look at the carpet. Please tell me again about the mild irritation and the level 1 rating this product gets from knowledgeable scientists.

manner as I have shown- got a link for that too)

I guess what gets folks riled up is the titles of my articles. Fair enough, but at least now you can put a picture with the words. Borax- Beauty and the Beast,,, The Beast Of Borax Can Kill You,,, Boric Acid-Did You Know?,,, Naturally Confused. In all I think these articles have a few dozen links that are sources for all the information provided.

over dusting 300x225 Boric Acid And Borax Are Killing You The Safe Way

I guess this’ll smother the fleas-might do the same when they let their dog back in too. No worries, Borax is very safe!

Real sources, from scientists to the EPA itself and not those who come from a slanted view. Now I could be lacking in a detail or two, or perhaps my choice of words didn’t convey my thoughts or facts as some may have preferred, but since NO ONE who has vented their criticism of me has bothered to even look them over– I thought I’d put my thoughts out at a different level. A level they could understand. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. Seeing that I have written many many more than that. I’m hoping this will be far more effective for all! Be safe.

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Jerry Schappert is a certified pest control operator and Associate Certified Entomologist with over two and a half decades of experience from birds to termites and everything in between. He started as a route technician and worked his way up to commercial/national accounts representative. Always learning in his craft he is familiar with rural pest services and big city control techniques. Jerry has owned and operated a successful pest control company since 1993 in Ocala,Florida. While his knowledge and practical application has benefitted his community Jerry wanted to impart his wisdom on a broader scale to help many more. was born from that idea in 2007 and has been well received. It is the goal of this site to inform you with his keen insights and safely guide you through your pest control treatment needs.
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  • stuto1

    I have a customer with a Rover ant problem and she used a “natural” powder inside and some outside. Inside, which she won’t let me treat, she said she dumped it on the counter and sprinkled some outside under a window. I explained to her how Termidor works a few services ago and the last time she told me I needed something that the ants could carry back to their nest. I don’t know why I explain how these pesticides are supposed to work because the information doesn’t sink in for whatever reason. The bottle says “natural” and that’s it, its a fact no matter what we say!

    By the way, what do you use for Rover ants in Florida? Termidor and Phantom have had little effect for me.

  • The Bug Doctor

    Amen on the NON- listening!!!!

    Rover ants can be a pain. I just don’t think they get enough of it is the best I can figure. So I use the bait and switch and try and recruit more to the site…

    Little better results but it seems 6 months to a year later they come back……ugh

  • exterminatorsrock

    i would leave a comment, but i got more important things too do like finding a printable version of this, hooking up my printer, and more than likely a trip to office max for more paper and ink

    great article

  • Nitor pest control

    Too much of a good thing can kill more than just bugs definately. We need to stress to the non professionals the importance of understanding and following the lables on some of these products..Ignorance can sicken, and kill.

  • jaw444

    I appreciate your article and the photos. My very bad experience was when i had the company called Fleabusters come to my home to prevent fleas one summer. i was not having a flea problem but i did the previous summer, when my new puppy got very sick with a skin condition from fleas, he had to take antibiotics. We were not seeing fleas the summer i had Fleabusters and with hindsight, i wish that i had never used them, but i did. The guy came out with his machine. I had wall to wall carpets throughout the apartment. The machine beats the borate microdust into the carpet, i later learned this is called the “broadcast” method and that it is not appropriate for borate dust, it’s wrong to use it in heavily trafficked areas because it keeps getting stirred up and you breathe it. Not just that but the guy who came out carried a canister in his arms and before i went outside to wait while he did the job, he saw me looking at the canister, which i assumed was somehow related to the borate applicatioin, but he volunteered that it was”pyrethrins.” i didn’t know anything about pyrethrins. He said it was for use in the bathrooms and kitchens. After the treatment, i began having a burning sensation in my upper respiratory tract. It would come and go but it was upsetting me when it didn’t stop after a week. I tried vacuuming more than once. I later learned this just makes things worse because it stirs up the dust–the microdust which is breathed deeply into the respiratory tract. I called the owner of the company (the Fleabuster guy) and told him the problem i was having and asked him if there was a way to get the stuff out of my apartment so that i could return to my previous symptom-free life. I am not chemically sensitive. i don’t have allergies. He suggested i could use one of those plastic flitered masks when i vacuum if vacuuming made it feel worse. I told him about the guy telling me he was using pyrethrins on my house. When i came back into the house after the application, i saw wet spray marks on my sofa. i noticed it because the sofa was not supposed to get wet, it could be damaged. When i was trying to look up my problem on the web, i looked up pyrethrins but didn’t learn too much that first week. The owner told me emphatically that there was no way the guy used pyrethrins in my home, he said the guy wasn’t licensed to use it. That worried me. Until then i didn’t know that pyrethrins were restricted for some reason for this application. Fast forward two months, skipping over the details of one of the most depressing and traumatic times of my life, the money spent on lab tests, the time i spent on the phone, taking time away from my job, the stress, the burning sensation. After two months, i went out of town for three days. When i left my house, the burning in my upper chest was there. I drove 400 miles. By the time i got to where i was going, i wasn’t feeling it anymore. I didnt’ feel it all weekend. When i drove home on the third day, about an hour after i returned, the burning sensation came back. It was so clear that my much loved home near the beach was ruined, i couldn’t live there. I had another place to live but it was far away, and instead of a 4 mile drive to work, it was a hard commute in gridlock smoggy traffic, my work day got much longer and more stressful, everything changed. I’m lucky i had another place to live because the boric acid in the air of my first home was no doubt damaging my body. I made a number of trips back to get clothes (because i left in a hurry and didn’t try to take everything). Every time i went, i got the burning sensation in the hours that followed, even though i wasn’t there long. Finally, i didn’t have to go back anymore. After about 6 months, my daughter and son in law moved into the place because it was too great of a home to let go and they wanted to pay the rent there. They did not get any symptoms from being there. A year and a half after i moved out, i moved back to the place and did not have any symptoms, so it seemed to have died down, but it’s very troubling that this is being professionally done to people’s homes. I hate to think about it happening to someone who has asthma or allergies, or people with new babies.

  • The Bug Doctor

    I hope people who read this will take it to heart.
    Thank you

    ps..I have read your link seems that people would rather excoriate people like him & I rather than listen.

  • The Bug Doctor

    Well, I hope for the same but it must be a personal or sacred thing I guess– cause people can get pretty upset when their “all natural” world gets a little reality check.

  • The Bug Doctor

    lol, sounds like you might be making up a flyer or two! I think that’s a great idea!