I BID You Farewell

There comes a time in every career where you realize you just have to walk away. You’d love to keep pouring your heart out, imparting the knowledge that took you years to attain but when it continues to fall on deaf ears the discouragement becomes too much to bear. I guess it’s taken me till now figure this out which either proves my hopeless optimism or maybe I’ve just been stubborn. No matter the path, I finally arrived to a decision and at this time I think it’s best to just step to the side and let this world in all its craziness and loud directionless voice go by. It may come as a shock for some of you who have been my faithful readers to hear that I’ve taken this position but it is something I think all pest control operators can learn from so please allow me to explain.

Too Many Voices

So here I am almost thirty years in the business, an Associate Certified Entomologist, been asked to write for some pretty hefty publications and my web work has even been voted #1 amongst pest control blogs. (for which I’m humbled and honored) Yet I am constantly second guessed and told that my information doesn’t match with my competitors. I’m often asked (in untrusting tones) to explain my information and/or solutions because, “such and such company told me this” or “I saw it on www.smartypantsbugguy.org so it must be true.” Whether curious or just unsatisfied there is a percentage of people who insist on looking to more than one source for their answers thinking this course will always serve them best. It is a method that’s highly touted by consumer advocates and on many levels it does make a lot of sense. But as so often the case the solid facts (when there are some) given by one blend in with the bogus given by another. This only gets more complicated when you increase the number of ‘experts’ and really gets the yak-king going if I spot a misidentification or there is a dispute on facts. This clouds the judgement of most homeowners who are left with no idea how to sift through the facts. To my dismay the final nod of approval is rarely given to the one who’s right but rather to the one whose first and I’m rarely in that position. (I don’t know why that carries so much weight with people but it does) Other reasons could be that someone’s answer is more appealing for reasons hard to overcome or agrees with something they’ve heard to be true whether it is correct or not. This is usually because a trusted friend or relative knows a guy who heard about a story from someone they worked with whose mother had the same situation..blah blah blah… Even if you agree just for agreements sake your credibility is suddenly shot because they now are thinking what’s so special that you can offer? In the end, trying to compete with too many voices is almost always a losing proposition.

Too Many Demands

Another aspect of what’s on my mind is that this fraction of people that I’m speaking of, (those that drove me to this point) want far too much of my time. Their request’s are always above and beyond the normal seeker and if you allow them to, they’ll keep pushing the envelope with little or no regard for you. I’m sure they do this with the other voices too and I’m always amazed how they try to pit one against the other. They are usually the ones who put deadlines in place, want absolutes and will beat you up over every aspect of the service you are trying to provide-Oh yea, did I forget mention? The service and hassle up to this point is FREE!


So, as I said in the beginning of this writing I am officially now and forever done and I’m not even remorseful one little bit. While I’m sure walking away means I’ll lose out on some opportunities I’m looking forward to my freedom and leaving this huge drain behind. I’m excited about the possibilities and plan to use the extra time to better my business and concentrate on all the positives that my little company brings. So with that I’m relieved to say-

Good Bye to all the customers who are calling for BIDS!

Hey, what did you think I was talking about? C’mon, you know me better than that don’t you? ūüėČ

About The Bug Doctor

Jerry Schappert is a certified pest control operator and Associate Certified Entomologist with over two and a half decades of experience from birds to termites and everything in between. He started as a route technician and worked his way up to commercial/national accounts representative. Always learning in his craft he is familiar with rural pest services and big city control techniques. Jerry has owned and operated a successful pest control company since 1993 in Ocala,Florida. While his knowledge and practical application has benefitted his community Jerry wanted to impart his wisdom on a broader scale to help many more. Pestcemetery.com was born from that idea in 2007 and has been well received. It is the goal of this site to inform you with his keen insights and safely guide you through your pest control treatment needs.

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  • Pest Kil

    Holy Crap Batman!!!! I was thinking that I would never, never ever get to read your tomes of wisdom again!  How could you be so cold and cruel?  At least now I will be able to sleep at night knowing that in a day or two I will have a new blog entry from the Doc. to read again! LOL

    Eric Kroon
    PestKil Inc.

  • You had us going there for a while!

  • James Butler

    Sneaky Sneaky!  Keep up the writing I always enjoy your wisdom and writing.

  • Mel

    You’re too passionate¬†about pests to¬†completely leave¬†the industry. ¬†I dont know if you were specifically discussing termite bids or general pest control services but I’ll give my two cents. There is nothing worse than being the fourth guy show up to bid pest control. They’ve¬†taken all the¬†information and promises they’ve heard and made up their mind¬†(plus know it all). But¬†the potential customer tolerates your presence to see if you offer more or a better price.¬†¬†¬†¬†A simple ant job, and spider prevention escalates into excluding fifty holes for free, installing 4 bait stations, a 30 ft perimeter treatment, including the fenceline each service and more. All because each pest control inspector is attempting to surpass the previous bid. Now its your turn to out do them in price and service.¬† What will you do?¬†¬†Next time filter the call? ¬†“It cost’s¬†x, I will perform blah blah, and work outside¬†this scope might cost extra”¬†

  • OK you had me, then I thought I just moved up in this world. LOL actually not having a great day someone broke into my place this morning and took my flat screen. I’m upset and very angry and when I read your article I was even more depressed until the end. Hang in there, you can win all the bids

  • Oh my, I’m gonna have to do a happy post to cheer you up…. what a bummer way for you to start your day. ¬†Hey at least you weren’t called out to do any bids!

  • Well put! I think you’ve been through it before too? It gets so tiresome and I actually can feel myself develop an attitude once I realize this is the case- of course that doesn’t help my already poor closing percentage but I really am at my wits end for some reason this year.

  • I have to get up a little earlier to fool you James but I’ll keep trying– you won’t even realize it when I’ve finally got you…lol

  • ¬†But hopefully it all made sense at the conclusion– I wrestled with the words for quite awhile so as not to give it away till the end…. ¬†I got white out all over my screen—lol

  • That is NOT a Batman saying I’m familiar with…but I like it. Rest easy Caped Crusader, all is calm in Gotham now that the Joker has been exposed….. lol hahahaha…

  • Ha! I love how you led us one way only to flip the switch in the end.

  • That’s the way I feel when I’m in a bid situation- just when I think I got it, whoosh, the rug gets pulled. ūüôĀ

  • Stuto1

    Scared Me!
    I thought you were quiting because you gave all your money to that dooms day guy. 

  • Exterminatorsrock

    we stopped doing “bids” as well, so i agree 100% with you. however, we have really crafty peeps ’round here

    we got a call from an apartment complex with swarmmers in 2 units.¬† it was out of our service area (1.5 hour trip one way) so we knew we couldn’t compete with any local area prices, so we refused it.

    the manager told us, we were recommended by a good friend of the buildings owner. seems we serviced his friends lake house and he was very happy with our service, that’s why he wants us to do it.¬† the manager said he was told NOT to get estimates and we should come prepared to start treatment.

    seemed like a no brainer

    so we filled up the termite truck and headed down the road prepared to at least spike it. we met with the maintenance man, spent over an hour checking all the units, filled out all the paperwork and figured up a price.

    the maintenance guy informed us we were higher than the 2 other bids he got just hours before. when i questioned him about what the manager said, he laughed and said “he says that to all the companies”.

    if only we could take a lesson from the electricians and charge for estimates. 

  • Wow! That’s some nerve but that is so typical in bid situations. I also agree on the fee for estimates– http://pestcemetery.com/pest-control-companies-charge-trip-fee/

    It’s been a peeve of mine for awhile although to my shame I rarely do it.

  • You know this is his SECOND prediction on the end of the earth– so being the wise ol dog I am–I won’t get burned twice— lol

  • Antmansgirl

    ¬†Antman won’t start his truck for less than $59!¬† So… it is up to me to gather enough information from a potential customer and dazzle them with my salespitch and congeniality¬†and¬†give them a quote over the phone!¬† They usually go with us, and nobody’s time is wasted!¬† Besides, as you mentioned, it’s a good filter for the “troublemakers”!

  • Ahhhh, the phone filter with the added benefit of a sale. I love it! Of course when I worked for ‘da man’ phone sales were taboo but for the smaller companies, it is a priceless tool. Anything to save time and I find most people like the “girl on the phone” and are doubly impressed when the service is top notch.

    Hey, is Antman paying you well enough? Cause if I can get you and my wife doing this at the same time I could have another route built in a month! ūüėČ

  • Mickey

    haha love it!

  • You Bugger!! Had me sad there for a while. Totally understand your position. We also stopped giving bids…for much of the same reasons. I love it when you tell someone/a company that you don’t give bids and they call you a week later asking why you didn’t submit your bid!

  • I wish I would’ve learned my lesson years earlier.