When you’ve got bed bugs there’s not a ‘dry ice’ in the house (bed bug trap)

How many of you cried when you watched the movie “Old Yeller?” Some stories are just real tear jerkers and you can’t help but feel so connected to the people, pets or events and before you know it, you’re reaching for the tissues. Bed bugs can be like that and boy do they ever connect themselves to you in a big way. Problem is that they just don’t want to leave! People are searching for answers for this epidemic and getting down right desperate. Pest control professionals all over the country are scrambling to keep up with the demand and new techniques and equipment seem to be unveiled on a weekly basis. I found the latest bed bug trap which really caught my eye and the principle behind it is fairly simple.

This new bed bug miracle has been developed by Dr. Changlu Wang, a research entomologist from Rutgers University and uses dry ice as the bait. It seems that dry ice produces c02 which is what bed bugs sense and use to key in on their sleeping victims. The ingredients are fairly simple and easy to put together, well all except the dry ice part. I’m not sure where you’d get this.

The theory which seems to be working is that by filling a standard insulated thermos with dry ice it creates c02 as the ice warms up. The gas escapes and since it’s heavier than air it sinks down into the trap and bed bugs who are attracted fall in and can’t get back out. Using a thermos full of dry ice makes enough gas to simulate the breath of two people and apparently the bed bugs can’t resist it. I wish I could take credit for this invention but I’m still in litigation for the tennis racket bug zapper so funds are a little low. You can check out the good Dr,’s work with this link however and see if you might want to give it a try. Do it yourself bed bug trap.

Well I’m gonna sign off now, I rented a Lassie DVD and I can’t wait to see it, I know it’s not Old Yeller but that movie was rented out, this is the one is where Timmy is caught in the well and that just gets to me every time.

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