Baby spiders, grown up fear

Spiders illicit such strong emotions and frantic behavior from so many otherwise level headed people. The mere sight of a spider will send these phobic people into an instant tizzy and actually cause uncontrollable physical reactions. Shortness of breath, unable to move, upset stomach or they begin sweating profusely. This list represents more of the arachnophobia we usually think of but there is also the more moderate and even mild reactions that I suspect more people have rather than what see in the horror movies.

Still for almost everyone the sight of a spider can trigger deep emotions or reactions that aren’t on an everyday display until one of these misunderstood creatures crosses our path. I’m no psychologist but I believe that fear of spiders or even fear in general is more of a learned behavior than something innate.

I have been doing pest control so long that I have literally watched some of my customers kids grow up. As young kids they would love to follow the bug man and scream with glee when we came across a spider or crazy looking bug. They would get nose to nose with it and grab a jar or box to try and catch it. Fast forward 20 years and when I see them their attitude towards bugs have changed a lot. Very few are curious anymore and some are indifferent, at least I think they are as they give me a wave and point to a bug with their I Pods attached to their heads and thumbs a blaze in a texting marathon. Others however are suddenly frantic about bugs and don’t ever want to see one because if they do the fear they now have runs rampant. Maybe it is learned from movies or peers or perhaps it is the parents teaching over the years but most often it is unfounded and it was not part of their mind set so many years ago.

Probably the most reaction I see people have when it comes to spiders is when they see the babies

It usually happens when an adult is spotted and the person grabs a shoe or can of Raid and tries to kill it. What they didn’t see was the hundred or so baby spiders (spiderlings) riding on the mothers back and once struck the babies begin to scatter in all directions. This exodus for safety seems to elevate any fear they had through the roof. Suddenly the can of Raid hits the floor and the shoe gets tossed as they run away screaming or perhaps become frozen with fear.

At that point my phone rings and this dire emergency cannot wait, even if they mustered up the courage to hose the room with the entire contents of the can and every spider’s seems to have succumbed to the spray. The vision of hundreds of tiny poisonous arachnids won’t be denied and they need service NOW. No amount of consoling phone conversation will do and even when our tech arrives it’s very difficult to calm their fears.

The unexpected can throw anybody for a loop but to have a couple hundred 8 legged devils suddenly stampede off the back of the mortally wounded mother is just to much for most people. As I said, I’m no psychologist and I didn’t even spend the night in a Holiday Inn but maybe a little shock therapy might do you some good. From the safety of your keyboard you can watch these baby spiders in action and feel completely safe. Perhaps by watching them for awhile you might realize your fears are something you can conquer and you can stop sleeping with the can of Raid by your bedside.


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Information is a powerful thing and I hope together we can put to rest any undue arachnophobia’s.

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