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Stinger Blog Award

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  • Tom

    My wife has been using clove oil on her skin. She accidently dribbled some onto the bathroom plastic sink. It adhered, and I could not break the adhesion.

  • Tom

    I traced back the production of that clove oil. It is predominantly processed and poured into Harrell’s in China, and then shipped to other companies that can do their own bottling, and then sell to stores or on the Internet.

  • Tom

    She has been using the clove because a health store recommended. It worked on restless legs because it invaded the cells and it numbed them and clogged them, just like what it did to our plastic sink. Like never got all of it off the sink. I tried chemicals and sharp tools. Do not ever use clove oil on or in your body.

  • Christine

    Hello Jerry,

    I hope you are doing great. I am an avid reader, and I must say that your blog is really informative. I have implemented the tips, and now my house is pest free. Thanks!

    Actually, I am a blogger, and I was hoping if I could find an opportunity to guest post for you.

    Please let me know if it sounds good to you.



  • Steve None

    This is insane. Cloves are a FOOD. Tiny amounts of the oil are as safe as eating gingerbread is, which has cloves as an ingredient. Of course you shouldn’t drink it by the spoonful – just as you shouldn’t eat salt by the spoonful. That doesn’t make cloves “toxic”. Go ahead and stick to all your prescriptions with all their awful side effects instead of trying to use herbs, like cloves, responsibley.

  • Mushrooms, elderberries, puffer fish are all FOODS as well. You still need to take care when consuming them don’t you? You seem to slam the article and yet still agree with the premise I put forth. Odd but ok….

    What’s “insane” is that you comment in the About section and not in the article comment section itself….hmm you lose your way? can’t follow instructions? IDK…. I guess that proves another premise of the article…

  • Thank you Steve, I really don’t control the internet so an article from 5 years ago having a dead link isn’t much of a concern for me. …Your questions or concerns and the replies are in the comments of the article. You should take a look, good stuff. As far as your crunchy link, I’ve read that article too. Thank you but nothing earth shattering. You miss the point of the article… this is a pest control blog and this article deals with the misuse which I see everyday….perhaps you don’t …maybe this link will help..http://pestcemetery.com/boric-acid-borax-killing-youthe-safe/

  • We have a mouse problem here in Vermont. I have been searching for information and landed on your website.

    First off, great job on this website. Your SEO efforts are obviously paying off, you blog regularly, the layout is clean and easy to navigate, and great use of plugins. So nice to see.

    Now, we are at the green mouse poop stage, afraid we made a mistake with the green poison blocks dropped by our exterminator, and are concerned we will end up with the dead mouse smell. Luckily we know where the mice favor in the in the house (one corner of the kitchen in cabinets and drawers; we were warned) and they are gobbling the stuff right up. I was advised to add the black box traps with poison sticks outside the house. We have not determined the exact entry point, but will go on the assumption is close to the outside wall where the cabinets are located.

    Any other advise is welcome.

    I will use your website as a texbook case for success when I talk to SMB’s. Thanks.