Truly Nolen–All Heart

truly nolen tampa, Fla. — Close to 140 Truly Nolen employees came out to walk, run or support the Lupus Foundation of America’s Walk to End Lupus Now on Sunday, May 3 at the Lowery Park Zoo in Tampa. Edward Henry, a district sales trainer with Truly Nolen, first became involved with the Lupus Foundation last year, after learning that his wife was diagnosed with the disease.

Henry was delighted by all of the support shown by his Truly Nolen family. “When word of the event got around the district I was amazed by how many of my co-workers wanted to support me and my family by attending the event,” Henry said.

Not only did his co-workers attend the walk, but the company also made a $1,000 donation, handed out over 400 sport packs to fellow walkers, and had the company’s brand new signature mouse limo and community express truck equipped with grills and flat screen televisions, on site.

We here at Salute the great men and women of Truly Nolen and say Thanks, for the high standard you have upheld all these years. We will strive to be worthy of your example.

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German Roaches Exposed; From The Mind Of Jeremy Miller

Jeremy miller roaches, Blattella germanica, are nasty little pests that are typically brought in to the home, workplace, restaurant, food processing plant, etceteras, by ‘hitchhiking,’ meaning that they are transported from one location to another by accidental human transportation.  They are typically, as adults, a touch over half an inch long are tan to dark brown in color with two longitudinal, roughly parallel, black stripes on their pronotum (shield like area behind the head).  These roaches have a practically world wide distribution thanks to their hitchhiking ways. 

Blattella germanica  are omnivorous meaning they will eat just about anything including each other.  In the home they are typically associated with the kitchen and bathroom areas because of these areas provide a water source.  However, in severe infestations, they can be found throughout the home.  Continue reading

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Why I fight bugs by day and computer bugs by night

Luke guy eye’s amazing to think that we’re the only force between the human race and over 200 million insects. I mean, what’s stopping these guys from taking us over? There are single ants with the power to bring a man to his knees. And yet many don’t think twice about it.

Mind Blowing.

As a pest control professional it’s great to think I have saved a young child from another bed bug bite, or from a little one from falling into a mound of ants.

To think I am an bug assassin in who brings peace to the mother, and sanity back to the husband. It feels good. Continue reading

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My Temporary Passion Turned Life Long Quest

Dawna Galvinized Termite & Pest Control started my working life at 15 years old in several service industries. Waitress, hostess, fast food, employment agency, moving company, sample demonstrator, switchboard operator, among many other jobs that I floated through looking for a career. I started my career life at 19 years old in the “Public Service/Law Enforcement” industry. I thought I had, but just never found my niche.

I was in my mid-30’s, when I stumbled into pest control. I started dating and quickly became engaged to a guy who was “a bug guy”. He asked me to help him out and work a “Temporary, Part time” job in a large family owned pest control company office. “Only until they hired a receptionist, or the lead secretary returned from maternity leave.” One 45 hour week later, I was hooked. So much for “Temporary, Part time”. I was hired full time, permanent.  Continue reading

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Setting The Tone

Stopping 100 mph shot

Stopping shots at 100 mph-Setting the Tone

Since beginning as a licensed applicator and technician in 1976, I’ve been doing pest work a long time. Pest pros see all sorts of things when working in customer’s homes but it was when working as a pest management consultant on a bed bug remediation project that an incident happened that would forever set the tone for how I viewed bed bug projects, as well as how I conducted bed bug remediation work from that day forward.

Years ago I received a call seeking assistance at a large apartment complex.  The call was from the property owner who had been referred to me by an industry colleague.  During our initial conversation it was reported that the apartment complex was experiencing a long-standing bed bug situation, that the problem had been on-going for at least four years and that it had progressively worsened.  By the time they had contacted me they were on their fourth pest company.  They had simply had enough and were at their wits end.  During the conversation, the situation and plan of action regarding the necessary remediation work was discussed and agreed upon.

Soon after, I was on location and up to my neck in bed bugs.  It was immediately clear that the problem would never be eliminated if the work being done was allowed to continue in the manner observed.  The efforts were haphazard, ineffective and, obviously, not working.  No one involved was happy and much needed to be corrected. Continue reading

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A Night in the Life of an Entrepreneur

Titus pest control’s three am. I can’t sleep. My mind is racing.

I stare at the ceiling. I count sheep. I listen to the crickets outside my window.

For the last two hours my cell phone display has illuminated the bedroom walls as I check the time over and over again.

Fifteen minutes feels like days.

An hour feels like eternity.

I want sleep.

…and even though my schedule is completely empty for the day ahead, I need sleep.

Stress is a formidable foe, and for a quite an extended period of time, it’s gotten the best of me. I have no appetite. I’m constantly in a state of worry…

…and, as I’ve mentioned before – I cannot sleep. Continue reading

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#‎readytotaketheplunge -Starting Your Own Pest Control Business

mantisshirt following article is a series of comments taken from a very lively pest control group discussion. The question was asked;

“ How much money did you have in your pocket on day 1 when you started your own business?”

and the answers and insight seemed to me to be quite telling.

So if you are considering starting your own pest control business or have already taken the plunge and perhaps things aren’t quite what you thought they’d be.  Take heart. Many have blazed the trail before you and I am hopeful that this quick glimpse into the minds of those have or are going through what you’re experiencing, will give you a some hope, some light at the otherwise long dark tunnels end.

For maximum effect, read this as it was, a live active discussion. Names have been taken out and some comments were rearranged for continuity. Remember the topic question was; Continue reading

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Life With Bugs- Ryan’s Story of Passion

ryan ridgley with mask remember junior high like it was yesterday. Rocking my corduroy JC Penny’s pants with my silk shirt and sweater vest, a set of railroad tracks in my mouth, and glasses that looked like they were out of 1975, I was not what you would call a cool kid. I was not a comic book nerd, I did not sit around playing D&D, I was not a 4.0 student. I was a different breed of nerd. Continue reading

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Travels with Daisey & Dolley- Bed Bug Scent Detection Beagles

Ladybug pest management should have attached pedometers to Daisey & Dolley’s harnesses to see just how many miles they have walked (or to be specific walked and sniffed) over the past 4 years in their search for bed bugs.  Ladybug Pest Management’s veteran bed bug sniffer is Daisey, a very cute tri-color beagle who began her bed bug sniffing career in the winter of 2011.

Fast forward to today, and Daisey is still working in many of Delmarva’s Proactive Hotels inspecting at regular intervals to locate bed bugs before a guest may encounter them.  Daisey was so successful, that Ladybug Pest Management’s owners, Sandy & Frank Honess added a second canine to the Bed bug Inspection Team in October of 2011.  Hello Dolley.  Goodbye bed bugs.  Dolley, a tan and white beagle joined the Ladybug team and works together with Daisey.  Sandy & Frank both handle the canines and work Daisey & Dolley as a team, a/k/a our Dynamic Duo, Double D’s and sometimes little Double Divas.   But more formally known locally as Delmarva’s Own Daisey & Dolley – Canine Scent Detection for Bed Bugs.  Continue reading

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3 Hall of Fame Disappointments In My Career–Grace Under Pressure

As I sit to write this I know there are literally thousands who have experienced what I’m about to say. Good people, great techs and aspiring owner operators who put everything on the line to make their dream of a successful pest control business a reality. Sadly, I also know that the majority of them have succumbed to the the pitfalls, traps and general dog eat dog environment of the business world and they are no more. I wish it were different but it’s not. I wish they all made it but statistics say most failed.

I’m also convinced that if you polled these good folks and asked what was their top three disappointments in their run for a flourishing business, they would no doubt include the betrayal of friends, neighbors and even loved ones in that list.

Now, & this is important! It’s not that the friends or loved ones meant ill will or purposely set out to destroy you. In fact, in most cases I’d say they were completely oblivious to what they’ve done. Unaware that they set you back, caused untold damage of self doubt, shook your fragile wall of confidence to its very foundation. Never the less, it was done, and, if you’re like me, even decades later you still wonder what the hell happened. How’d it go so wrong?

The following is the 2nd most disappointing Hall of Fame episode of my career. To see the first click here Continue reading

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Sales Tips For The Pest Control Technician

It’s amazing to me that pest technicians don’t sell more than 100k a year. Even more amazing? Most techs barely sell over 10k, and that’s in an entire year!!!

Think of it. Sales people as wonderful as they are don’t see near as many people as the tech does. Sales folks may be quick to make friends but really can’t compare with the relationship a tech will forge over the course of the contract. Month after month, service upon service, the tech is the one to learn all the kids names, get the scoop on family history, work places and even hobbies or special interests.

The relationship a tech can share most always is built on trust and reliability so if something like an add on service or a referral comes up, who’s in a better position to #1 hear about it and #2 get the sale?  The tech of course.  Still, we just don’t seem to rack up a bunch of numbers as techs and that’s a shame. For the company, for the client and for the tech and his or her commission check. So here are a few tips I’ve written down and hopefully one or two will be helpful and translate into some actual good things for all involved. Continue reading

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3 Hall Of Fame Disappointments In My Career – A Broken Branch

I’ve been in the pest control industry 30 plus years and to say the least,  it’s been a roller coaster ride. Not just in finances however, there has also been– and I guess will always continue to be, huge ups and down emotionally.  There are days, sometimes several days where it seems I can do no wrong. That I can sell any account, solve any problem or satisfy every client that comes my way.

Then there are those moments, yes moments, – and these “moments” turn in to hours, days, weeks, (even years I suppose since what I’m writing is still so fresh in my mind yet each example happened long ago) where I get so low, so depressed and have an overwhelming feeling that I have no place offering my service. That I am not worth the room I take up and that no one, not one single person looks at me and what I do with any shred of respect or admiration.

The following are 3 articles of such low times and even now as I write them down I can feel the emotions of betrayal, lack of self worth and the total crushing of my confidence come crashing in like a cold ocean wave of uncertainty doubt and fear. As I stand  with my feet planted in the unstable sand of the business world all I can do is turn my back, brace for impact and hope I don’t get knocked off my feet like I did so many years ago. Continue reading

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The Pest Control Industry & The Media

The old saying “any publicity is good publicity” may work for some but I don’t think that’s ever worked for the pest control industry. Not at a national level anyways. Recently the national head line news has been the horrific case of a family succumbing to pesticide poisoning while they were suppose to be enjoying a tropical vacation. It’s the lead story (as of this writing) of every outlet and I can’t tell how many of my clients have asked me if I heard of it. Just a few years back there was the Utah family who also suffered unspeakable losses also due to errant pesticide applications. So tragic, no amount of words can do these situations any justice.

Some may argue that these occurrences are rare and that these types of tragedies should not reflect on the industry as a whole. Much like flying an airplane is statistically far safer than taking your car to the corner store this is true…. but even in my little town where we have car accidents everyday you’d hardly ever know it unless it were a multi car pile up and fatalities were involved. However, let one tiny airplane go skidding off the runway and it’s on the 3, 6, and 10 o’clock news as the lead story. It’s much the same for our industry.

The media has a phrase, (whether they made it up or it’s just attributed to them-I don’t know)  “If it bleeds it leads” and this quest for unique and sensational stories has them zeroed in on a few targets- the pest control industry is in that zone. Continue reading

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The Top 18 Pest Control Companies In America

18Here at Pest Cemetery we have a group in which we educate and communicate with to enrich the greatest of knowledge among the pest control industry. These guys are weekly, if not daily, learning from each other on a regular basis. To stay on top of the latest laws and practices in their field is the agenda behind it all. They have worked hard in our country to provide you the greatest of service, and that’s why we are posting them here as the greatest pest control companies in America. They are quite resourceful in the field, so you should contact them if you ever need them. Among these are the finest of entomologist as well. So feel free to contact them if you’re in the area. Continue reading

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When Are You To Old To Do Pest Control?

Roberts Dad doing pest control in the retirement capital of the world I have the distinct honor to serve many members of our society who have dedicated multiple decades to their careers. Retired postal workers, military, executives, home makers, (do you ever really retire from that?) professionals of all stripes and my list goes on and on. 30 years seems to be the norm when I ask how long they were at it but it can and does go higher. What I rarely hear from these folks, “ I wish I could go back or I loved what I did.” Instead, most are happy to have hit the finish line, are done with work and now want to spend their days on the golf course or playing cards at the club house. For them, it’s as if it were a sentence of some sort that they had to serve and they just now are seeing the light of day.

Every once in a blue moon I get the distinct pleasure to actually service a retired pest control technicians home. While it’s more common to run into one who’s only had a brief stint in the industry and then moved on to other endeavors. There are some who sit there, watch me work and then nonchalantly tell me they owned or worked for a company for 30, 40 or more years. These people are always the best and it’s fascinating to hear their stories. With each of these encounters, I almost always ask, what made you retire and how old were you? The answers are telling & one theme always comes through…you may be surprised. Continue reading

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