A War I Could Not Win Part 1

by The Bug Doctor

It’s Tuesday, 2:30 am: It is my first stop. A weekly account that is the crown jewel of my branch, indeed the envy of the region and one that rivals any in the entire company. The company, that is at this time, the largest pest control firm in the world.

As I enter the acre and a half sized room the bright lights accost my eyes with an unrelenting glare. The huge expanse is eerily quiet as I survey my account from the top of the marbled stairs. The reflected shine from the walls, tiled floors and counter tops gives the illusion of a city on a hill, a respectable establishment beyond all reproach. For a moment I’m lost in the spectacle, briefly taken in with the mirage.

Then, right on time, from a remote corner of the market I hear the faint squeaking wheels of the janitors mop bucket from what seems like a mile away. The dark figure moves slowly as the sound grows clearer. Deliberately his measured strides take the same path in the farthest isle along a seemingly endless row of food stalls. Until finally I watch as he reaches the huge bank of switches on a far corner wall. A sight I’ve come to dread.
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Winning the Anecdotal Fight Is Just A Myth

anecdotal |ˌanikˈdōtl| adjective (of an account) not necessarily true or reliable, because based on personal accounts rather than facts or research: while there was much anecdotal evidence there was little hard fact | these claims were purely anecdotal. Not to long ago I wrote an article titled Chasing The Exceptions; The Route Killer. It’s an […]

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The Four Seasons Of Truck # 2

The days grow shorter, it’s only 5:30 and the darkness is all but settled on the driveway. A crisp chill is in the air & it reminds our determined entrepreneur that another harsh period of time is upon him and his precariously perched business. Unable to see through his own shadow he fumbles in the […]

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Meet Me At The Cemetery

It’s hard to believe that www.pestcemetery.com is 7 years old. First off I can’t believe I haven’t even come close to running out of things to write about but what’s more incredible is, that I actually have people who read what I write. That’s pretty humbling. The site started as an idea from my son […]

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Top Ten List When Considering Referrals

Everyone says that “word of mouth is the greatest advertising.” Yet so few people take it much further than this. If indeed it truly is the greatest–why don’t we at least take the time to consider more about it? Why don’t we take the time to learn how to maximize this “greatest” asset to our […]

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How To Read An Anti Pesticide Article If You Absolutely Must

I have stated for years that there are 3 things that have contributed greatly to the great advancement of mankind. #1- Advances in the medical field, #2, Plumbing and #3, Pest Control. Yes that’s right! I said ‘pest control.” Now in case your saying that’s just little ol Jerry spouting off to prove a point.. […]

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A Tiger By The Tail

Long before I donned a suit and tie and hit the road as a wildly successful, –eh hem – cough cough,—-Commercial Salesman later to become a National Accounts rep, I was a simple and happy residential pest control salesman. (money doesn’t buy you happiness right?) My job was to traverse the city streets and find […]

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Lest You Forget

Your pest control business, your baby. You started this thing from just an idea. And through all the hard times and the great break throughs– it was you who saw it through. You nurtured it through the infant stages, chased fleeting leads across one end of town to the other. Ignored the nay sayers even […]

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I Hate Collections

One thing I hate to see on my daily route sheet is a large collections bill that isn’t accompanied by a service receipt. What this full page bill complete with red and/or yellow colors tells me is that somewhere along my day– I’m going to come face to face with a delinquent account. It’s one […]

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The Mysterious Mouse Of St. Agnes

It’s 4:15 am on Wednesday and just like last week and the week before, I’m running late. With my defrost blasting and my windshield wipers doing what an ice scraper should have done, I careen down Reisterstown road heading for the beltway. “I can’t be late again” I blurt out to myself as I blast […]

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So You Want to Own A Pest Control Business

So the decisions been made. It’s been an idea brewing up in the back of your head for quite some time and now you’re ready to take the plunge. You of course have thought about this, ran the numbers, calculated everything to a tee…–well, you have yourself making a million by year two but hey […]

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What If I Could Start My Pest Business Over Again? I’d Be Just Like You

I often think what it might be like if I could nix what I have and just begin again. I have many ideas of how a perfect business should be and in all honesty, mine is far from it. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely thankful for what I’ve built and couldn’t be more […]

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5 Rookie Mistakes & Why Your New Hire Needs To Be Like Brett Favre

Football Question; Who caught Green Bay Packers long time quarterback Brett Favre’s first NFL pass? I’ll provide the answer at the end of the article which may surprise you-but in the meantime, let’s talk about rookies. In professional sports we call the new kids on the block- rookies. We tend to give these “new” players […]

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I Wish I Had All My Cancelations Back

Have you ever had the thought? – “man, if only I never had a cancelation- just think how big my route would be.” Most companies keep a canceled file. I worked for one where 5 or 6 ceiling high cabinets were full of nothing but customers that once were. Wow! Seems like a big waste. […]

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3 Moral Dilemmas For The Termite Control Operator – What Would You Do?

There are moral and ethical challenges in just about anything you can think of. Some are as simple as black and white, right and wrong and there is no gray area at all. It’s pretty easy to decide what actions to take in those instances. It’s also one of those times when breaking the cardinal […]

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